Life is short and sweet,
But it can be long and dreary;
Its sweetness has a bitter after taste,
Like after enjoying a cup of coffee!
Relationships can turn sour,
Like an overnight glass of milk;
Marriage vows can be snapped,
Like a thin withered hollow branch;
Blood-ties can be severed,
When they are too watery to stick;
Friendship can be sunk,
When there are holes and leaks;
This is life,
Depending on how we make out of it!


Occupying oneself,
Cures many ills;
Being financially more independent,
Making and meeting new friends,
Feeling useful and contributing to society,
Leading a purposeful exciting life!
Feeling wanted and needed;
Another new lease,
Before exiting,


“Make way, make way,”

The ambulance seemed to say;

Tearing down the road,

Running as fast as it could;

Answering an emergency call,

No time to lose at all!

Other vehicles give way,

For a life was at bay,

To the nearest hospital it flew,

Life at its lowest ebb it grew;

Could it reach the hospital in time?

A question mark for the mind!


Young man driving a car,
Speeding happily down the road,
Enjoying the thrills it brings,
As he listens to his favourite song;
An old man crossing the road,
Unable to discern the oncoming speed,
Walking across the wide empty road;
Unable to stop in time, the motorist swerves,
To avoid the oncoming target;
He lands himself against the curb,
Beside the wreckage he creates;
Unable to move at all, he lays,
Praying hard he would not die,
A distance away, a heap of bloody flesh,
Without any movement nor sound,
This is the moral of the story,
Speed thrills but kills!


When an action is repeated daily,
We will cultivate a habit;
When a habit is repeated often,
We will inherit a character;
We are what we are:
Actions becomes habits,
Habits mold our character!
Character is the self-image,
The self-image is the person living within us;
Do we know who we are,
Or the person that lives within us?


Covering blanket,
To hidden truths;
Keeping them under camouflage!
Not sharing them with others,
One lie covering many other lies;
Like a big bulb onion!
Shrouding the truth,
Peeling onions,


If poverty is a state of the mind,
Hunger will be a state of the stomach!
Everyone lives in poverty:
The wealthy wants more wealth,
Because they believe they are in poverty,
The poor needs a lot more wealth,
Because they a really in poverty;
Is there any one who is wealthy to say:
I have enough wealth and I do not need any more!
Poverty and hunger go hand in hand;
The former leads to the latter!
Every one of us feels hungry daily,
We are in need of food to satisfy our stomach,
So we work our guts out just to earn the money,
To buy the food to satisfy our hunger;
Unlike green plants and trees,
They can make their own food under sunlight,
They need not work at all,
Alas, all humans live in poverty,
Because we have to work in order to survive!