Who is this baby lying in the lowly manger,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes?
Above the busy inn, the Bright Star shines,
Heralding his earthly birth!
Who is he that shepherds leave their flocks,
To come to witness and pay homage to him?
Who is he that eastern wise men come to seek,
And offer the boy child gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense?
He is Christ, the Son of God,
Who came in human flesh to walk this earth,
To die for you and me,
He is our Saviour and Redeemer,
By His sacrificial death we are reconciled with God,
May you find peace and harmony this Christmas,
As we celebrate His Birth,
And remember afresh His atoning sacrifice,
To free us from all our sins!


Happiness is contentment,
Free from worries,
Free from sickness,
Free from all things!
If we are in this state,
Savour the happiness here and now!
This inner peace and calm,
Is difficult to arrive at,
The ecstasy is beyond words of expression,
It is indeed awesome and holy,
A gift from God through grace;
A state in which we are so very blessed,
We can feel the closeness of His Presence;
O, how I wish I am transported to Heaven,
Instantaneously, now!


When members of a family live in love,
There will be calm and peace in the home;
When members of a family live in discord,
There will be upheaval, chaos and tongue wagging!
Love strengthens bonds and ties,
While discord brings mistrust and hatred;
Love shows honour and respect,
While discord breeds contempt and jealousy!
Harmony reigns in silence for all to see,
While discord noisy and unpleasantness for all to listen;
When there is harmony in the home,
Unpleasant occurrence will turn pleasant,
Even sorrow will not be bitter!


Who will shed a tear for the lonely vagabond,
Who has just left this world for the next?
A life of ceaseless wandering,
Overcoming the natural elements night and day,,
The hard and cold stone bench,
Has long been his soft bed,
The stars in the night sky,
Are his lights;
The sun and moon his constant companions,
While the wind and the icy-cold dew his blankets!
Shed a compassionate tear for him who lies,
On the cold hard and unfriendly ground in this light drizzling rain,
Motionless, unfeeling yet calm and serene,
He must have welcomed this final sleep,
To close the miserable chapter of his life!
May his soul rest peacefully in Paradise!


Suffering and pain go hand in hand,
We suffer great pains at birth,
We endure great pains when we grow old,
We experience great pains when we become sick,
Finally, we embrace great pains when we die!
These four kinds of pains are inevitable,
As we grow from stage to stage;
Other pains include temporary separation,
Pains of failure and pains of defeat,
And finally pains of satisfying one’s basic needs!
There is no escape from all these pains,
Rich or poor, illiterate or learned,
Wise or foolish, kings or peasants,
All have to succumb to the grinding wheels of Pain!


We can see the world in a grain of sand,
And the ocean in a tiny drop of water;
The sky is but one vast canopy of emptiness,
Yet it can contain everything orderly in its space;
Unlike the emptiness of a bowl when full will overflow,
The capacity of the sky is infinite!
Just like all the waters in the oceans cannot fill up a sock!
Muddy waters can become crystal clear,
When it remains still and undisturbed;
The turbulence in our lives will cease,
When we remain motionless and still!
Blessed is he who comprehends the secrets of Tao,
He will emerge unhurt in the blazing furnace!
The Way of Tao is a gateless gate,
Whoever enters must first empty himself,
The Infinite Tao will fill up every space within,
Cutting off all illusions!


The final farewell is a heart-wrenching one,
Tears flow like river water;
Many words have to be said but unsaid,
Many things ought to be completed left undone!
The one who is leaving,
Still clings on to desires and attachments,
The clutching hands refusing to let things go,
Those who are present witness the agonizing struggle;
Unable to lift a finger to help or to console!
Blessed is he who has cut off all desires and attachments,
And have nothing to cling on to;
The reality of life is but one:
Empty and solo we come, empty and solo we go;
Knowing and witnessing this parting scene,
Be wise and be prepared,
The hereafter is just beside each of us,
No one knows the date, day or time;
When we have to join in the queue!