Brute force,
Cannot solve problems,
Venting anger or hatred,
Aggravating the bad situation further,
Violence gives birth to greater violence;
Keeping cool without clenching fists,
Settling dispute without violence;
Talking it over,
Solving dispute,



Stories of true-life or fiction,

Created by writers;

To share their thoughts, views and knowledge;

Expressed in words and print!

It is a store house of knowledge,

For those who want to know,

Literature is an art:

Using words to depict characters,

To paint scenes and the location,

To evoke and etche the imagination!

Literature trains our minds to judge and understand life’s complexity!


What is freedom?
Does freedom mean the abolition of laws?
Freedom exists when there are laws:
Without any law there is no freedom!
Freedom comes with greater responsibilities than law;
Within the confines and parameters of the law, freedom thrives;
We have freedom of action in thoughts and deeds,
When we do not contravene the ambits of the law!
This law can be found unwritten in Nature,
In religion as well as in our culture!
Everyone of us is born free,
We are not captives or slaves of any body,
We use this God-given freedom to make decisions,
Even no decision made is a decision of choice!
Use this freedom wisely,
Misuse it, we shall have to face the consequences!
We have only ourselves to blame!


Relationship between two or more,

Needs to be cultivated over time;

It builds and grows on trust and commitment,

Mutual understanding and cooperation;

There is freedom within its confinement,

Respect, thoughtfulness, care and concern;

Doubts and suspicion are its fatal foe,

They can destroy its fragile foundation!


Curiosity is the beginning of learning,

It gives us a thirst for seeking and knowing,

Seeking leads us to new  discovery and invention;

It can leads to creativity,

An improved method of doing and working!

Learning increases knowledge and wisdom:

I see and I will learn,

I do and I will understand better,

I practise and I will master,

This is the mastery of learning;

The mastery of knowledge and skills,

Leads us to a better world,

A world of peace and co-existence!


God gives feelings to show our humanity:
Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion,
The three intertwines and jells,
Sympathy flows and turns into Empathy,
Empathy will interlock with Compassion,
Together the three becomes the hallmark of humanity!
The milk of these feelings turns into Kindness, Love and Care,
Grace and Mercy will closely follow,
These traits will be evident,
When we have humanity!


No on can exist alone,
Everyone of us is inter-dependent on one another;
Laugh and the world will laugh with us,
But cry, we shall cry alone!
Who will cry with us?
Who will bear our burdens?
Who will walk with us to the grave?
A strange and funny question,
It is a reality of life,
No one can accompany us to the other shore!
Alone we will have to make the cross over:
Without any possession and companionship,
Just our bare self being!
What a scary and terrible thought!
But there is good news:
There is Someone to the rescue,
Do you want Jesus to help and accompany you,
In this loneliest  hour of your life?
Accept Him as your personal Saviour,
And He will take over from there onwards!