Bartering is the oldest form of trading. When A barters with B, B has something which A desires and A has something that B desires. So, they barter – simple way of exchanging things. Sometimes, when one person does not want to trade, it may end up in stealing, robbing or murder!

Nowadays, we use cash or money to exchange with things and services which we want. It is the most convenient way of trading. Better still, we are moving into a cashless society. No need to use hard cash directly – just press a button and the transaction is completed!

How wonderful it is if we can barter with God! The wealthy ones will get all that they want while the poor ones will not get a single desire fulfilled! Then money can buy anything and everything in this world! But alas, praise God! He does not barter with anyone because He has everything and all things are His! He is giving them away free of charge because of His Grace! What must we do in order to receive these gifts? Just do the accepting, thanking and obeying Him.

Aren’t we like pet dogs obeying their masters? But there is a difference. What is the difference? Read the bible and attend church if you want to find out more. Why not ask the pastors? Consult them for they know the secret!


Some one just asked me the other day if I wanted to be a Superstar? “If you don’t want to be famous, why do you write blogs?”

I just wonder if all the people who write blogs want to be superstars. It is a very good question! It makes me  review and check through the motives that I have in putting up a blog. I again ask myself the question once through. Indeed, why on earth did I start writing my blog?

Frankly, It is to keep myself usefully occupied. Then I want to practise  what little IT knowledge that I have learnt from schoolchildren.

At first, I had no IT knowledge at all. I was even afraid of the computer: that I might spoil or damage it. Then, someone gave me a laptop and told me to use it. From then, I patiently learn how to surf the internet, going through the websites of other people. It was my Godson, Alvin, who challenged me to go into internet so that I could email and chat with him.

Even till today, I’m still ignorant of many things. My first encounter was with Windows Live! That was where I started. I created a lot of problems and found that I could not return to my blog site because of the incorrect password. But I persevered!

When Windows Live wanted to close down their services, I was being helped to transfer to wordpress. com. I am thankful to the team members of It’s so much easier and user-friendly.

But, still, I do not understand any terms use my them. I even find difficulty when they add new features and icons onto the dashboard. The good joke is I don’t even know how to recall the draft that I have saved.

Don’t let me bore you with all the difficulties I face because I am IT illiterate! Well, back to the question.

I write my blog not to impress or to boast. I just want to share my thoughts and experiences with those who visit my website. I have said it many times to those who email me : I like to share my poems.

Well, well, I am not a superstar! Neither do I want to be one! (I don’t even dream of being one!) I just simply write what I feel. Perhaps, I may have stepped on someone’s toes, but that is not my intention! I apologise if I have done it.

I welcome any one to comment or email me. Those who sent me through email, I will definitely reply. Just forgive me if my reply is sometimes late because of internet problems. Otherwise, it will be within a day or two!


Cigarette butts of varying lengths,
Being discarded and strewn about on the earth,
Some are still smouldering and lingering in life,
At Death-door only waiting for the final hour!
Our lives are like cigarette butts,
Being thrown away after our services are completed,
Lying on death row waiting for the hour to come!
Who sucks away the juice of our youth,
And the vigour of our strength?
Who crush the dreams of the innocents,
And nib away the fire of life?
The unseen hand and scythe of Death,
Silently snatch away and cut the thread of life!
The carcasses like cigarette butts,
Piling all over in graveyards,
Like the aftermath of an atomic disaster!


I am very amused by the people who just send out emails of spams to various blogs just to advertise their goods and services. Perhaps these are done by IT applications and the robots just send hundreds or thousands of these to innocent writers. Though Akismet ( has been doing a great job, I just wonder why can’t these spams be blocked out completely. People who use their websites or email addresses to send them should be black listed and whatever they send to the same address or blog be blocked off. Perhaps, the IT engineers can actually do it but they do not want to break the rice-bowls of other people. I may be wrong. It all adds up to $ and cents!

The internet is a public place for each and everyone to make money – the good, the bad and the ugly! Some people just send out hundreds of these spam emails by a press of the button. More intelligent ones can do them by remote control – automatic. It is how they earn easy money! Money coming in even when they are sleeping or playing golf!

“If you know how to do it, you will also do the same! You’ll be like them!” my good friend always tells me when I complain to him. ” They know the technology which you don’t know.”

Ah, I have to suffer in silence then! Just pray that those who have sent me these spams as comment will stop sending me from now onwards. “You are an old fool,” my friend lost his temper. “These are robots. They do not know how to read; they just obey orders and send and send and send…………!’


“Privilege” is a God-given status at birth by grace. The “Privilege” will change as one grows up! When we act irresponsibly, the “privilege” will be taken away.

What then is “Privilege”? It is ‘a benefit or an advantage one has over the others’. When we classify everyone and put each of them in a queue, the one standing in front has a better privilege than the one behind. Is the position static? The answer is negative. “Privilege” is fluid like air. It comes and goes if we do not act responsibly!

“Privilege” covers all aspects of one’s character and life! We can be born wealthy but in death we can become the poorest man when we misuse our wealth! A conscientious person will progress and gathers more privileges than his peers when he is careful and uses this privilege wisely.

“Privilege” places an individual in a unique position! Do not compare the merits or demerits of privileges. Each acts responsibly and does his best and he will be in a better position in the queue of life!


Human beings are strange creatures! We are not grateful nor satisfied with what we have. We always want more!

A wealthy man will not be satisfied with the wealth that he possesses, He wants more. When a poor man has satisfied his hunger, he thinks of better quality of food when the next meal comes along.

A gambler will never be satisfied with his winnings nor losing. When he is on a winning streak, he wants to win more. “If I can win a thousand dollars, why can’t I win five thousand more? My luck is good. I will stretch it!” he thinks to himself. In the end he loses all – even his capital of two thousand dollars.

Neither a loser will give up gambling at the table if he still has cash with him. If he has lost a thousand dollars, he will try to win back the sum that he has lost.” My luck can’t be so bad. It will bound to change!” He believes so and continues to gamble. As a result he loses another two thousand dollars!

Well, that is what happened to my friend over the weekend. He was cursing his luck this morning. “I should have stopped when I had won three thousand dollars, ” he lamented, “but I foolishly continued believing that my luck was good. In the end I even lost my capital. I wasn’t satisfied and I withdrew another two thousand dollars. I want to win back my capital! My luck is going to swing back to good!”

He is nursing his regrets! Well, a gambler will never learn his lesson. “I will win back my money the next time!” That is his resolution. How do we change a gambler? Very, very difficult indeed!


Just the other day, both of my friends (a rich guy and a poor guy) met each other to have a cup of evening coffee to chill off the day. I happened to walked past them. They invited me to join them.

“You actually don’t need to work, my friend,” the rich guy told the poor guy. “Why not?” came the reply, “If I don’t work how, can I survive?” “Give up your smoking and drinking, then you will have lots of money!” the rich one cut him off! “Unlike you, your children are all wealthy and they can support you; whereas mine are just making ends meet. Even if I don’t drink and smoke, I still need to eat 3 meals a day. Where do I get the money?”

How true it is! In Singapore, all the elderly have to work one way or another in order to survive. Once we are awake, we need to spend money! Where on earth does money come from? Trees? Heaven? We have to earn it. Why?

Most of our kids have a family of their own. They have their own burdens. A house and a car and kids and family tie them down. Their standard of living is different from the older generation. They have to save for their own future! Ours is nearer to the grave. So we have to plod slowly. Anyway, this is the scenario of most elderly Singaporeans. We work while we can. When we can’t, we will be waiting for death to stop us from being a burden to someone else!