How do we help someone who is addicted to gambling?

I think it is an up-hill task if the person does not believe that he is addicted! Just like in any addiction, the individual must acknowledge that he is addicted and has decided to give up. This is the first step to take. Once this is achieved, the battle is on and victory is about 50% chance. The counselling session can begin…….

What are the causes that make people take risks and gamble away the hard-earned cash? The get-rich-instantly mentality, the thrill and excitement, peer pressure…..and a host of other causes.

” I don’t understand why someone wants to give up gambling, ” John asked me this morning. ” Didn’t you know that someone has become a millionaire because he was the lucky winner of the recent Toto draw? “he continued. ” We must be clever. Use a pen-knife to cut down a tree! He has done it and succeeded!”

My friend, John Tan, is an habitual gambler. But he is not addicted to it. He always uses the above quote (using a pen-knife…) which most gamblers give as an excuse for his habit.

Well, he is a sensible guy, but how many of us will be like him?


The whole of yesterday was a frustrating day I have ever experienced. My laptop had gone cuckoo! Surfing the internet was annoying, irritating and frustrating. Until now, I really do not know what is happening. The net had gone haywire! One minute, it was connected while the next second it became unconnected. I checked with the other users in the library about the matter. None could help me! How frustrating!

Alvin, my godson, came. I thought he would be able to rescue me from my frustration and annoyance! But not this time. He failed too. He said perhaps I had downloaded too many free games and among one of them, my laptop was infected by virus. I went mad and instantly I uninstalled all the downloaded games. Final result : same as before. The problem persisted. Furious, I packed up and went off.

Now, I hope everything is all right. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I write this post. Hope that today will be a better day!

How I wish I were IT literate! I can never learn – even try to remember all the jargons used! I just let it be : THE BEST IS YET TO BE AND THE WORST IS YET TO COME or THE WORSE IS YET TO BE WHILE THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


Early Spring cleanses Winter’s dirt,
Bringing new life on its wings;
Tender leaves adorn the fields and trees,
Fresh scent of grass and green;
Mid-Spring is a joyous scene,
Flowering buds can be seen;
Days are warmer and more colourful,
When myriad flowers bloom and flourish;
It is a season to launch and execute,
New plan for the coming year;
Looking forward to greener pastures,
Establishing a firm solid foundation;
Time continuously flows speedily downstream,
Catch the current instantly,
Spring offers new great opportunities,
For those who are equipped and ready!


Every teacher must be a gardener at heart because he or she is attending to the young tender saplings and plants! The teacher must create the season in the classroom for the saplings under his/her care to grow strong and healthy!

The first season is Winter about to turn to Spring.
The interaction between students and teacher is one of caution. The teacher gets to know the students individually while the they study the teacher to gather information of his likes or dislikes.

Then comes Spring: the sowing of seeds. The students start to germinate as the teacher waters and attends to their needs and welfare. There maybe a little friction here and there but all is under control as each student tries to expand his/her individuality!

Time passes quickly as the students grow and mature under the careful guidance of the teacher. The Summer season is the most enjoyable season in the classroom. The relationship between the students and teacher start to jell. There is greater rapport and understanding in the classroom.

Then comes the Autumn when the teacher needs to assess the students’ learning, Every one is seriously revising. Perhaps, the teacher may have to reassure the not-so-confident students and provide extra lessons for them.

The ultimate End-of-the-Year Examination comes in late Autumn. Students and teacher may feel nostalgic knowing that parting is imminent at the end of Autumn.

The Winter sets in and the whole cycle begins once again!


God has many telephones and He deals with millions of calls per minute per day! Imagine how is He answering each call – all at once simultaneously or one after the another? My imagination runs wild – seeing God having millions and millions of tentacles just to answer the calls!

When I suffer ‘ringing in my ears’, I usually go to God instantly asking Him to stop the ringing or give me the grace to bear with the irritating and annoying cacophony! It keeps me awake and interferes my hearing! All these years, it comes and it goes. Whenever I have the attack, I seek my refuge in God but God doesn’t answer my request instantly! But after days, perhaps a month or so, the ringing stops. I have to endure it for more than a month! This month-long grace is given to me otherwise I would have use something to prick and damage my eardrum or commit suicide – just to stop the ringing!

But through the experience, after many years, I find that God answers prayers faster if I ask my wife to pray for me. Together, we pray and God answers it within a day or two. This happens many times and it is not my imagination or coincidence!
This is also beyond my comprehension. Is my wife’s prayer more forceful than mine? She is closer to God than I….or God loves her more than me!

Alas, this is God’s way of answering prayers! That is the only conclusion I stumble upon………!


A spider is not an insect because it has two instead of three body parts and four pairs of legs instead of three! It belongs to another group of animals which we classified as Arachnids.

Some spiders are poisonous to man. Most of the spiders are not social. They live in isolation when they become adults.

A spider has lots of perseverance when building its web even though against strong breeze over a wide area. It seldom gives up. Its determination is admirable!

Spiders are very creative. Look at their webs. They have exquisite designs: both intricate and strong. They are great creators. Their handiwork can be commonly seen inside as well as outside our homes especially in forested areas.

Spiders are also very intelligent creatures. They know the technology of building a strong foundation before they start weaving their webs. They select the best location in which to get its prey.

There are many lessons which we can learn from a spider. Spend time to examine one. How alert it is to the environment! Also learn how it leads its life and is able to survive in harsh environment. What are its ways of escape from danger? So don’t look down on that humble creature. Learn from it!


“Judge not and we will not be judged!” my friend John Tan advised our group of friends who were chatting the night away. We were discussing a very well known person calling another President “…a son of a whore…” Well John continued, “He must have his reasons. After all, he is human. Give the poor man the benefit of the doubt!”

Does the bible meant figuratively what the words mean? We must not judge – no matter what goes wrong or right! Mustn’t we use our brains to ponder and consider the actions of others?

“To judge” is “to make a decision”, “to arrive at a conclusion”….” to form an opinion after due consideration”. We base our judgement according to our own moral standard, society’s laws or the country’s rule. That is how we make a judgement to our own understanding. Yes, we can be swayed by powerful rhetoric or cower under the mighty power of a restraining law, but then this does not deter us from making our stand or judgement.

Some condemn the acts of terrorism. The opposite camp praises the terrorists as heroes! Are we to numb ourselves and say “Judge not and we shall not be judged?”

I think God doesn’t want us to judge and condemn. The judgement we use to judge others will be meted out the same way we have to judge ourselves. The scripture also tells us to be “as wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove!” How do we become “wise” if we do not exercise our judgement?

Perhaps, the scripture means we can judge but don’t condemn or take the law into our hands. After all, God allows everything to happen and it will happen. What happens, God knows and He has given his sanction. So who are we to judge and to pinpoint?