Talking about Lum’s Profile – Windows Live

Hi, I’m not new in this space. I”m the same person as LUM MUN on http:/ may ask me why do I need another entry? You will be surprised. I have forgotten my previous password and try as many times as I could I cannot retrieve the password to my original blog, but was unsuccessful. I even wrote to the windows live team, but they never answer me at all! As I have mentioned sometime on the blog that I”m IT illiterate, I am really at my wit’s end so I started a new blog.
Readers and friends who have read my work, especially poems that I have written, you can be sure that you will be able to read more on this new blog. I hope someone can help me to merge the two blogs into one and I shall be very grateful and appreciative. Perhaps the Windows Live team can hear my pitiful cry for help and be merciful enough to lend a hand to help this grey-hair man to achieve that.
Well, it’s like asking for a drop of water from the sand in the hot desert. You know the answer before you ask the question.
This experience brings to mind, what I think of COMPASSION. Here it is
Transcends borders,
Natural or man-made;
Heart to heart communicates,
In sympathy they will relate,
Soothing fears , calming nerves, evoking faith,
Unconditional love will eventually melt,
Any cold hard steel,
In warm embrace,
Giving healing ,
What are your feeling about compassion. I would like to listen to your point of view. Please comment!

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