I have a funny feeling that no one reads my writing. Please prove me wrong. If you are one of the readers, please let me know so that it’s an encouragement for me to continue.
As I have promised, I want to put up my poems here for all to enjoy. I want a space for me to put up my poems so as to share it with the others. I know that there are other websites for poetry writing, but I just want my own space and feedback from my readers.
Do you like the following poems?
Combat pieces;
Waiting for deployment,
By strong invisible hand;
Place at important strategic positions,
Ready to implement the master plan;
Crushing the enemy’s weak defence,
Mercilessly without any bloodshed;
The conqueror dictates
The loser
A wise man learns from the teacher of Expercience,
A foolish man succumbs to his own folly;
Every experience gives wisdom to the wise,
To fools: another dose of misery!
The wise surfs at the crest of daunting waves,
The fools tumbles and sinks;
The wise recognises the calm before a storm
Which the fool fails to see;
Wealth manage by the wise will add and multiply,
When manage by fools, will reach ground zero!
Both have the same tutors,
Why is the outcome at different poles?

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