Just the other day, I observed a lonely child at a playground watching all the other children playing happily. I was curious why he didn’t join them because any child would join in the fun. His eyes followed every movement of each child. What was he thinking? All the other children did not go near him or talk to him.
     Later, I soon found out that he is a mute! Poor child! Hence, this poem is dedicated to him so that others may feel the sentiment that I have.
Voiceless and soundless,
The mute child gazes;
Other children happily at play,
But he, standing in a daze!
He can’t understand,
The difference between him and them.
It pains him to see their laughter and smiles;
While his  life is filled with tears and sorrows!
What has he done to deserve such a fate?
He should be as happy and innocent as all the others!
No one knows,
Not even his creator!
Well, I hope you share my sentiment. While we are celebrating Christmas, let us remind ourselves how blessed we are and let us share this joy with all around us!

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