On this Christmas eve, I would like to share this poem with you. Hope it will touch your heart!
Happiness comes in small packages,
Calamities in huge luggage,
Happy times flash like lightning,
Sad hours fond of lingering;
An angler is thrilled before the catch,
The feeling ends when the fish is bagged;
The yonder meadow is always lush and green,
On arrival, bare patches can be seen;
Stolen kisses are always sweet,
Neighbours’ wives are tempting meat;
A magician’s tricks always intrigue,
The awe is lost when you know the trick;
Singles eager to jump into the marriage van,
Married couples want to be single again!
Life is full of twists and turns,
Moments pass never return;
It’s interesting but very complex,
One man’s meat is another man’s poison,
Without any rhyme or reason;
Love can turn to hate,
Within seconds on a single date;
Long queues form we in never-ending lines,
Rushing to be born, yet born to die;
Leaders decide on peace and war,
Soldiers have to settle the final score;
Too much to accomplish creates stress,
Doing nothing in life will be a mess;
A morsel of food tastes extremely delicious,
Too much of it makes one vomit!
Must Man strive for supermacy and might,
Guarding his position and his rights?
Should Man relentlessly strive for progress,
Ignoring the welfare of the rest?
What is yours is also mine,
What is mine you mustn’t mind;
Yours, mine and ours will be the same,
Provided they are stamped in my name!
Life indeed is short and brief,
Why not live and let live?

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