Many of my friends and readers often ask me why I write poems? It’s a difficult question to answer. I think I express my sentiments, feelings or thoughts better in verse.
The words and thoughts come easily when my feelings and sentiments arise. Something in me wants to pour it out. Sometimes, it amazes myself!
     I believe that poems are very personal feelings of the poet himself. I write what I feel about perplexing events and emotions which I have encountered. They may differ from yours. I just want to share these personal feelings of mine, perplexing or confusing they may be, with you, the readers. I let each poem speak and touch the heart-strings of the readers.
     I have also devised and developed my own "Geometry form" (11 lines with 36 words in diamond shape) of poetry! With this form, a poet is forced to consolidate his thoughts and feelings using only 36 words. It is a challenge with strict discipline and I have succeeded!
    Do you have the same feeling when you read this poem entitled ‘LONELINESS"
Beside oneself,
Alone, in company;
Solitary confinement in cocoon,
The invisible wall divides harshly;
Nothing can penetrate within or escape,
The feeling of total helplessness;
Freedom is just hallucination,
Mind is overwhelmed,
Senses dulled,
     Here is another poem about TIME.
The invisible hand of the clock,
Regulates the activities of Man;
Together with the four seasons,
Painting the backdrops of the earth,
On which human history performs.
Comedy, tragedy, hatred, love, war or peace,
Endless episodes are in store;
The director does not tolerate,
Any censor, nor retake or remake;
Each scene is authentic,
The weapons are not gimmicks;
Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain?
The intrigue and suspense thicken.
When one hero exits, another replaces,
When one villain dies, another takes over;
Out of chaos, a hero will arise,
In prosperity, villains emerge;
Nothing can remain static,
In this locomotion of Time!
Live performers we are,
On this world wide stage;
What legacy do we each leave behind,
When we have said our final line?
If my poems stir your mind and thoughts,
And challenge you to scale new heights;
Then, have I not lived in vain,
With you, I leave my name!

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