Just last night, I overheard a conversation between two ladies in a bus. One was complaining about how life was unfair to her but not to her siblings. The other lady, I think she must be a Christian, tried to console her and introduced God into the picture. She was bombarded by her friend whom (I presume) an agnostic.Their conversation stopped abruptly when one of them reached her destination! Both promised to continue over the phone when the other one reached home. I was really amused by the incident and it brought back the poem I wrote quite some time ago. You would love it!
Man has a peculiar habit,
Of blaming God when things go wrong,
Bad events are caused by others,
Who sing a different song.
"Why me?" A common lament,
"Why not you, he or she?
Blessings always flow to wrong hands,
By-passing me where I stand!"
When life is rosy, he gives himself the praise,
To God and others, not an eyebrow raise,
"I alone deserve the good fortune,
Not you, he or she!"
When life is in a mess,
You’ll see him beating his chest,
"Why me, God, why me?
Why not you, he or she?"
     Well, God or Satan always gets the blame. That is human nature! The Buddhist understand human nature and explain it in a logical way – the law of the Cause and Effect! No matter whose religious teachings you are inclined to, logic still prevails. – We reap what we sow! I"m not going to open the pandara-box nor want to raise an uproar. Each to his own belief! It’s better to leave it that way! Otherwise, it will be a never-ending story!

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