I have a funny feeling this morning. Why am I writing about "My Epithet"? Perhaps, it’s a reminder of what I like best in life and to share my experiences with others. It is also ironical that down the centuries, modern young men and women do not seem to like to hear from the oldies. They feel that the oldies have nothing to offer to them and do not understand them! The oldies seem to glory themselves and talk about their old times! How do we bridge this wide gap?
     Can this be done? I don’t have the answer. What I know and experience is that knowledge grows and expands at a tremendous rate! Paradigms changes and shifts.
But still, we need the old ones as spring-boards. Without the old, there won’t be anything new! Hence, the oldies do serve as a reminder to the young from where they come from before they venture into the unknown. Just like the history of Mankind. Well, I’m not preaching nor teaching.
     Let’s return to our topic. What do we want others to know about us and our outlook in life? Can we just sum it up in say 6 lines? I try to do it and here it is!
No matter how we scheme and plan,
We can never live the life we intend;
The web of life has numerous intersections,
Our destiny changes in every direction!
Each phase has incidents of good and bad,
These memories to our lives will add;
What epithet would we want to leave behind,
That sums up our lives in six short lines?
This, then, my epithet shall be
On my grave the tombstone you’ll see:
Here lies an unknown ordinary man,
Who views life through his eyes;
Wisdom he tries to impart,
In verse, he formulates his art;
His passion and poetry he likes to share,
To enrich our lives since we are here!
     I think this is a very suitable one for me. Have you thought about yours?

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