When we look into the lives of old men and women, we will be surprised to hear some similar and familiar endings – emptiness. Even those that have many children, they end up the same fate as those who have none at all! This is actually what is happening to our society now! Can the government do anything about it? I doubt. It is useless to pass a law that the children must look after their aged parents. The government is just subject the old folks at the mercy of their children! What’s the solution? I don’t have any, do you?
     With this thought and feeling for the poor old folks ( including myself ), this poem is written:
Nesting place,
Little nestlings stay;
Soon learn to fly,
Each finds his own mate;
Builds his own nest and procreates,
Leaving aged parents to fate;
Behind each empty nest,
Many stories untold,
Beyond words,
     If you are a young reader, make sure that you treat your aged parents with love, care and respect. Don’t leave them out of your life and family! Learn the wisdom and rich experiences from them. I wish every family with aged parents live in peace and harmony. Above all else, live in love which will solve many a problem!

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