Today, I am going to discuss the above topic. Many young parents nowadays think that younger teachers are definitely better than the older ones. Their ideas are new and their methodologies are the latest. This is the fallacy many younger generation parents hold nowadays as I gather from them. Their belief does not hold water.
If older teachers are not as good as the younger ones, then the Ministry of Education should retire teachers when they reach the age of 50 and above. Why keep them and shame them in their old age? I do not know about other professionals, but as I have observed many teachers (I am also a teacher), many old teachers are better teachers than the younger ones in terms of teaching. They can draw from the years of experience when they teach difficult or behavioral problematic children in schools.
     Of course I am talking about those older teachers who take pride in their profession and keep up with the times – not those who are just marking time and waiting for the day when they can gracefully bow out. A teacher will be a teacher even when he has retired. It is in his or her blood stream!
     That’s why many of the parents whom I spoke to do not do not want to engage a retired teacher tutor. They are afraid that the retired teacher is not able to teach their children. That is the fallacy they hold. If you hold onto this fallacy, discard it! A teacher whether young or old, practising or retired, who is worth his salt can perform and teach your child.
     Tomorrow I will give you the qualities of being a teacher and the calling of a teacher is sacred. Hope this few paragraphs have stimulated your thinking today!

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