In two days’ time Singapore will be celebrating her 45th National Day. Well for a 45-year old lady, a new generation is up and coming. I sincerely wish and pray that our country will continue to be peaceful and prosperous as the years roll by.

     I would like to contribute a poem which I have composed recently to celebrate this joyous occasion. So here it is:


Once an insignificant isle,

Unnoticed, unimportant and untapped;

The British used it as a port of call,

Attracting traders and fishermen to barter their wares,

A shelter for foreign ships from the raging Monsoons,

A melting-pot between the East and West.


Our forefathers deepened their roots,

To have a niche on this shore,

Malays, Indians, Chinese and many others,

Laboured and sought a better future here!

Years passed, a new generation bred and born,

And took the future by the horn!


The British left – a blessing in disguise —

An impetus for us to chart our own destiny!

Swim or sink, we had to survive,

Then we started to industrialize;

The Japanese lent us a helping hand,

They shared their expertise and blessed our land!


Times have changed and so have we,

The Crescent on Red and White ascend,

United under the Five Guiding Stars we subscribe,

Giving one and all, an equal opportunity to excel;

The future is ours to make,

Together, we put in all our stakes!


The Little Red Dot may be little in size,

We woke the Panda and encourage it to socialise;

The Eagle and the Allies woo the Panda to dance and twirl,

We can be a match-maker in this New World;

Our voice is as loud and sound as the West,

We make a difference by contributing our best!


On this our joyous National Day,

Let’s unite and pledge,

With one voice and one mind,

Our loyalty to our country!

Marching on shoulder to shoulder,

And face the challenges together!


      After reading this blog, please give me some feedback. My friends are discouraging me from writing here. They often say, "You’re just wasting your time. No one will ever read your blog or what you have written. If you just happen to hop onto my blog, please give me some of your advice. Thanks!





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