The story of Mr Fu O K

Many people say that laughter is the best medicine. I totally agree. Laughter is the best medicine for the day’s chores and work. It is indeed very relaxing when one begins to laugh. Laugh at the silly mistakes we make, laugh at the innoccence of a child’s speech, and a hundred and one examples in our every day life. Laughter does soothe the pain away. Nothing can! I hope you would find this story interesting and laugh to your heart’s content. Here goes………
      Some time ago, in China, a certain Mr Fu had saved up enough money to travel to the United States for a holiday. So he tried to telephone to a hotel in US to book for 2 rooms. When the telephone rang and someone answered him at the other end, he introduced himself. “I’m Fu. I want to reserve 2 rooms for my family. One for my two children and one for my wife and myself!”
      “Oh, that’s wonderful! We welcome you. Is this your first visit?” enquired the officer on the line.
       “Yes. It took me 3 years to save enough money to visit your country!” said the proud Mr Fu.
      “Ok. I have to put your name in our register………”
      “Wow, fantastic! You know my name before I tell you,” O K interrupted. “Anything else?,” he asked.
      “Sir, can you just spell out your name so that I can write it down.”
      “O, that’s easy. F u. O. K…….. Did you get it?”
      “”Same to you, Sir,” came the quick reply and the telephone went dead!
My apologies to all the Fu s. Share this story with your friends.

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