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Lum’s space – Windows Live

Today is Teachers’ Day. I would like to wish all teachers A VERY HAPPY AND FULFILLING DAY!”

Your load and responsibilities are awesome. Your calling is divine initiated. Not every one can be a teacher!

On this day, many a teacher would like to recollect his/her contribution to education. How many lives have you influenced? How successful are you in your teaching? Try to go into your classroom and sit at the different seats of your pupils. How does your Ahmad, Muthu, Mary or Ah Beng see you in the classroom? Be them and then review your actions and teaching in class. Are your methods of teaching effective? Have a thorough review and be frank to yourselves. Nobody knows. Only you yourselves………..

Each year, a teacher moulds 40  pupils who would have  a little of his/her personality. Multipy it by the number of years of service and you will find the number staggering! So, how effective are your products?

Well, these are the thoughts I have as I write them down. They come as it is without any fore-planning. Now, as I take my leave, I would like to share this poem which I wrote some years ago:


A teacher has the most awesome tasks,

Besides his sacred duty and responsiblity:

To teach the dumb to speak, the deaf to hear,

And the blind to see!

His chalk, his talk and his walk,

Mustn’t falter nor go astray;

Like a potter kneading the miry clay,

Having a vision and compassion,

He tirelessly toils,

The vessels he creates mustn’t be spoilt:

Too much pressure, it’ll crack,

Too little, it can’t stand erect,

Too gentle, it can’t stand the strain,

Too hard, it becomes a mess!

 His chalk, his talk and his walk,

Must be seasoned with love and care,

The teachers who dare to take this goblet,

Are blessed by God for this sacred job:

Of giving destiny and life

To another living soul!


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