In life and in the world, we can find bullies of all sorts of creed and colour. Even in the context of a small family, a bully does exist! In international matters, when countries interact with each other and one another, the bully rears its ugly head!

      Who, then, is a bully? What is your definition? Is he someone who flexes his muscles against a weaker opponent? There are all kinds and all sorts of bullies. Simply define, a bully is a party which flexes its might (be it physical, economical, intellectual… even status) and takes advantages of the situation is a bully!

      I’m not going to start an intellectual argument here. This is my opinion. Well, I respect yours too no matter how different it is from mine!

      After stroking your emotion and mind, please read the poem I wrote many years back. I welcome your feedback and comment after reading it.





Flexing muscles,

Power, position, wealth;

Individuals, groups or nations,

Forcing the weak to yield;

Boycott, isolation, economic sanctions or war;

Ultimatum thrown at opponent’s door;

Creating fear and uncertainty,

The powerful leads,

Weapons speak,



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