What is Love?

     Since the beginnng of time, every man and woman have experienced the power and mystery of love! Yet, the facet of love differ from one another. Poets …lovers and philosophers have tried to capture its essence, but  the essence cannot be captured in words. LOVE cannot be confined within the boundary of mere words.

     Love is as mysterious as it is unique! It needs to be experienced in order to fathom and appreciate its mystery.

     Today, I am adding another facet of LOVE. Enjoy the poem below:



Two hearts

Yearning to unite,

Sharing each other’s life.

Together, through thick and thin;

Faithful and steadfast, hand in hand;

Tested and matured by Time,

Churn into vintage wine,

Always flaming anew;

True love,



2 thoughts on “What is Love?

    1. Thank you for your comment. The form is my own unique creation : diamond shape with 11 lines and just 36 words. I’ve written many poems in this format. I’ll be posting more of my poems on my blog. Hope you will continue to visit my blog. Thank you & bye.

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