“Terrorists”, as the word suggests, strikes fear and terror in the hearts of ordinary folks. We do not know ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ they will strike next. These people lurks in shadows. They are willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to force others to accept their ideology. They are being misled into believing that they are ‘heroes’ in their organisation, but are they?
Below is a poem on “Terrorism” which I wrote some years back. What’s your reaction?

Guerilla warfare;
Hit and run,
Causing fear in everyone;
Weakening the fabric of society,
Damaging the opponent’s highly stable economy;
Exploited by some deranged fanatics,
Misled by irresponsible leaders;
Using religious camouflage,
Fanning hatred.

As the year is coming to a close, my prayer to these organisations is to stop sacrificing innoccent lives of ordinary folks to further your cause be it religious or political! May 2011 be a more peaceful year!


One thought on “TERRORISM

  1. They are not heroes but they are just trying to act hero to proove their organisation that they are willing to do anything. but this people just don’t understand the consequence of sacrifising their lives. their family got to suffer the dad the mum the children the wife and everyone else is this fair. i really don’t understand its a very complicated topic to talk about.I too pray for them to stop this terrorism and surrender to the police…:)

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