I have written another poem on “TERRORISM”. I want all of us to make best effort to eradicate these “terrorists”. Hope you share my view.


Through my eyes the world I survey,

As I journey along each passing day,

The beauty of Nature I admire and praise,

The cruelty of Mankind I condemn and hate!

Lessons from Nature are laws of truth;

Man twists these himself into laws that suit;

Killing and subduing those who do not conform,

In order to emerge as leader of the throng!

Terrorism, an unorthodox art of war,

Has been used by fanatics to settle their score;

Killing and bombing here and there,

Like phantoms displaying their deadly ware!

Common folks like you and me,

Are truly at their whims and fancies;

Let’s unite and fight thes pesky foes,

We will be free from all these woes!


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