It was just a coincidence that I read recently that the US is trying out the pilotless plane. It reminds me of the poem I wrote a few years back. Enjoy the poem below:


A cloud of dust appears on the West,

Like a swarm of locusts leaving its nest,

Zooming planes with thunderous roar;

Soaring high towards the Eastern Shore.

A mission of death is in store,

For the nations on the Eastern Shore.

What causes deserve such a tit-for-tat?

The planes unload their destructive cargoes,

Like torrential rains bringing death and pain!

People fall like nine pins in a strike,

While buildings crumble like match-boxes!

Like tidal waves, the smoke, dust and fire engulf,

The massive cloak of darkness spreads;

Confusion, bewilderment and horror!

The pilotless planes return to base,

Mission accomplished with clock-work precision;

The men who guide these planes,

Switch off their computers and heave a sigh,

Pat each other’s back for a job extremely well done:

Terminating lives who do not conform

To their ideology and belief!

What heartless monsters have world leaders become,

A generation created by Man and not by God!


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