It is said that ‘Faith can remove mountains’! How very true!

The fruit of Faith is Belief. When we believe, we are putting our Faith in action. Belief will strenthen Faith at the same time.

Well, Faith and Belief have led Mankind to unlock many secrets of Nature. I wrote the poem below some time ago and I like to share it with you.


When we believe we can fly,

We will soar and touch the sky;

Tethers that bind are broken,

We are freed from all entanglement!

When we believe we can perform,

We are able to weather through the storm;

Knowing that success is within our grasps,

We will have stamina that lasts!

The latent power of believing generates,

A mighty tower of strength it coagulates;

Overcoming all obstacles and pains,

Calming our nerves and soothing our fears!

With it, we conquer land, sea and air,

Because of it, w can explore outer space;

Soon we build our nests on the moon and stars,

The galaxy will be our world!


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