When I was young, I had wonderful dreams of what I would become and what I’d do. As I grew a little older, my dreams changed and took other forms. I think it is almost the same with every one!

Don’t we have lofty dreams of appearing as a white knight in armour trying to slay the dangerous fire-breathing dragons? Alas, all our fantasies are just like vapour. They vanish into thin air!

Hence, the poem below which I wrote many years back. It consists of 11 lines with 36 words in geometrical diamond shape:



Man’s dreams;

Filled with air,

Rise higher than aspiration;

Lofty ideals with great expectations:

Bubbles begin bursting one by one,

Falling back to earthly plane;

Awaken to life’s reality,

Grasping impossible dreams,

With air-balloons,



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