I wrote this poem some years ago. Perhaps the title explains itself. Hope you will enjoy the poem. If you are a Singaporean, I would like to know what are your feelings after you have read the poem.


A baby, chubby and cute,

Melts your heart with its look;

With smiles and gurgling sounds,

Tries to imitate the words adults make;

When communication fails, it cries and wails,

Armed with basic psychology,

Survives its infancy!

A toddler, curious and active,

Explorer within its safet-net,

Short span and easily distracted,

He is taught by natural tutors;

A fast learner, he begins to exercise,

To test the endurance of his keeper;

To know his own boundary of mischief,

And to exert his new-found freedom;

He rolls and explores under watchful eyes!

Able to communicate, he devours knowledge,

And learns the wisdom of past decades;

Each teacher contributes to his character,

Moulding him into a unique teenager;

From thence, he chooses his peers,

And develops his unique character;

His mind is bombarded by diversities,

Learns to handle life’s complexities in university,

Now he faces life’s reality!

What he has been taught, he shockingly realise,

His lofty ideals turning to ice,

He begins to learn life’s survival skills,

Or else he’ll soon be killed;

Society is a natural university,

Better than man-built university;

Its teachings are real and perfect,

What can’t be duplicated in any man-made project;

He matures in wisdom and grace!

All too soon, age catches him up,

Before he can perform his best,

House, car, wife and two children he has,

All these have ensnared him like the rest;

How many of us can change the world,

And be the lighthouse to the rest?

Be the statue of liberty

With action and not standing idly!


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