Is there equality in Life? The answer is very intriguing. Some are born rich, some are born blind and some are born ‘useless’. My friends and I had an interesting discussion. Each of us tried to give examples of inequalities rather than equality! I think we will have to ask God when we meet Him face to face.

The finale of Life is Death. This is true to all that have breath. But then, Death comes at odd times. Death takes away the very young as well as the very old ones, the healthy ones and the sickly ones….Is Death fair to all?

After the long discussion, I mulled over the topic on Death. The result is in this poem:



The exterminator of life;

Welcome friend or unwelcome foe,

One visit and job’s complete!

In extreme kindness or harsh cruelty,

Delivering ic-cold heartless cuts,

Or merciful painless surgery!

Permanent separation is always painful,

End of suffering is merciful;

The finale of Life is Death,

When the soul is put to rest!


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