How do we view death? What are or will be our feelings when one of our loved ones leaves this world?

I can truthfully empathize the feeling of the writer who sent me his/her diary which records his personal feelings of his father’s death and how he reacted. I also faced such emotional upheaval when my dear mom died at the age of 85 years old. It took me sometime to pull myself together and face the world alone!

Because I had undergone such feelings, I want to share them with my readers. To those who are still in grief, I hope you would go through it and pull yourselves up. You still have your own life to live.

As usual, below is a poem which I hope will help you.



Life’s finale,

Nature’s leveling ground;

Last good-bye and tears,

Having all said and done;

A balm and cure for everything;

In deepest moments of grief,

Memories soothe aching hearts;

Healing the pain,

Lightening grief,


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