Why do we dream dreams? Is it a way of self survival? Or is it a way of  ‘escapism’ from the realities of life? I always ponder which is which?

I just received an email from Peachisms who wrote:

Dreams will always be dreams if you sleep your way through life. Get up. Step up and live your BLESSED life. #Peachisms.

This sets me thinking. It’s really true if we just dream and do nothing about it. Throughout the history of mankind, we progress because we dare to dream and act upon it! The history of man learning to fly is a very good example!

There is another kind of dream which allows us to escape temporarily from the real world,  just to refresh and energise  ourselves — especially after a hard day’s work. Dreams also relieve us from stress and exhaustion though temporary.

Hence, with that in mind, I wrote a poem on the above topic. This is also an answer to Peachisms email on Dreams:



Make-believe world;

A temporal haven,

Free from pressing needs;

A world you fancy of,

An ideal place to live forever,

The Shangri-la of the mind!

Must return to reality,

The bubble bursts,

Sleeper awakes,


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