Through my eyes, I’ve seen lots of suffering in Life! Many a time, I’m sure, we often ak ourselves what life is all about.

To the religious person, Life is a preparation for the future life. Perhaps, it is so. It is ironical, isn’t it?

Well, this is the experience and I have seen many of such incidents as I live through the years. I wrote a poem on it. Here, it is — freshly baked!


In this crowded sea of humanity,

Alone and isolated I exist;

Life is transient, short and brief,

Nothing is permanent or forever sweet!

Friendship stays when you are of benefit,

And discarded instantly after being used,

Siblings ties when parents are still alive,

The ties severe when the link is dead!

Children honour their parents when they’re financially sound,

When they are disabled, the table turns around;

Wives will love their husbands when they can provide the bread,

When they can’t, the sooner they’ll be dead!

This then is the life on earth!

What’s the meaning and for what purpose?


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