My mother used to tell me that I talked more than I listened when I was very young. When I became a teenager, I told her that she didn’t listen to me at all! 

 I wonder if all of us have this kind of feeling: People do not listen to us at all! Before we ask this question, let us ponder for a little while: How well do we listen to people who are talking?

Many a time, we are not attentive enough to listen to the one who is talking. Often times, we just listen with half -heartedly!  Have we lost the art of listening to others? What do you think?

Let the poem below speak to you:



Attentive ears,

Heart and mind;

Words : sound and unsound,

Reveal hidden meanings and thoughts,

Together with verbal and non-verbal actions,

Convey the essence of speech;

Think before you speak,

Words once spoken,

Beyond retrieve,



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