Today, I would like to engage your thoughts through the poem below! What do you think when you read, hear or witness a person committing suicide? Is the victim doing the correct action or wrong one?

After you have read the poem below, I value your feedback:



The ending of one’s life,

Is indeed a very pitiful act!

What has driven one to such a drastic state?

Is beyond the understanding of by-standers!

Only the victim is gripped by overwhelming sadness,

That churns in his mind every second;

Bottling up this explosive emotion,

With no one to turn to for advise and comfort!

After much painful consideration,

In his unstable state of mind,

Suicide is the only way out;

That will solve his present predicament!

Hardly does he give a thought,

The result of his action will cause,

To those whom he will leave behind!

In heavy dizziness, his mind churns,

As he plunges headlong through the air;

Shuts his eyes and breathes his last,

The ending is quick and fast!

Is his decision correct or wrong?

Is for us to contemplate;

Who are we to judge,

When we are not wearing his shoes!


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