Last evening, my friends and I had an argument on the above topic. Many of them feel that foreign workers though beneficial to our country are problematic to a certain degree. I do not want to bore you with our discussion on the pros and cons of it.

Well, we can’t have the cake and eat it at the same time! The number of foreign workers working in coffee-shops and other services areas are alarming indeed!

Once, I asked a foreign worker very frankly,” If you bring along your family to live here permanently, will you be able to survive?” His reply was a loud and clear “No!” because the salary is low and the standard of living is very high. This leads me to wonder and ponder, “If they can’t survive, how then do we expect the locals to take up the job!” That’s why locals shun them: Long hours and low pay!

Hence, after churning on the topic, I have written a poem..


Foreign workers,

Like migratory birds,

Arriving in hordes on this green isle,

Love the peace and serenity it provides,

Decide to stay temporarily for 3 years!

Join the employment market,

Willing to work long hours for lower salaries,

Taking up jobs which the locals shun!

They grit their teeth and bear the suffering;

Whatever they earn on this isle

Is five times what they get back home!

This is the driving force,

Many return home wealthy,

Both in experience and possession;

The nectar they gather here,

Becomes honey when they return home!

The locals have to compete,

With this hungry souls,

Housing and rentals rocket sky-high,

While wages stinking low,

They have come and milked the cow,

With the milk, homeward bound,

Leaving many sad stories untold!



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