Just the other day, I read an email which led me to an e-book written by a drug addict who has managed to kick the habit and turn over a new leaf! His life story reminds me of a poem which I wrote a year ago on DRUG ADDICTION and I am going to publish it here to share with all the readers.


Drug addiction,

Worse than hunger pangs,

Drives one to steal, rob and kill,

Just to satisfy its craving needs!

Its crippling grip is like a vice,

Continuously tightening its deathly grip;

Helplessly the victim succumbs,

Till his life is completely squeezed dry!

Who can pluck him out of the jaws of death,

And free him from this curse of Hell?

Only you alone can save him,

When you refrain yourself from its snare:

Stay away from drugs,

The temporal happiness is its poisonous bite;

Once you nimble this dangling bait,

You’ll be hooked for life till you’re dead!


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