Each year, Good Friday always reminds me and encourages me to renew my faith in Him.

Today, I have just written a poem – my testimony of receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Thus far, He has led me through the trials of life, and in my deepest moment of need, I can feel His Presence! Praise God.

As usual, I am not preaching nor am I trying to evangelise. I just want to share my testimony with you.

On this cross my Saviour died,

To redeem my sinful life;

Forgiving all my sins,

Giving me peace within!

A new lease of life I begin to live,

Not mine but His;

As a child of God I begin to admire,

The beauty of His creation!

How can I repay Him for what He has done?

Just to accept His Gift and Grace!

For Salvation can never be bought,

It is freely given to those who would receive!

I thank Him for His Amazing Love,

His Mercy and His Grace,

He’ll be with me through life’s trials,

Till I in Him abide!


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