I was indeed happy to watch a video clip sent to me by somekindofbeautifulme on Peaches Performing “Smile” in the All Women Poetry SLAM.

After watching the clip, I was very much amused by her spirited repertoire. She is very good indeed. Cheers!

This brings me back to a poem which I have just written not too long ago, on the same topic – SMILE!


A smile is a normal expected greeting,

To welcome a stranger or a friend;

It can disarm the fiery hostile feeling,

And check him where he stands!

A smile can break the most solid block of ice,

Where strangers are on guard eyeing one another;

Its infection spreads and by and by,

One smile leads to another!

A smile is an expression of love and understanding,

Surpassing the meaning of words;

The giver and receipient in common bondage,

Know the powerful unseen force!

A smile can masquerade a hidden agenda,

The receiver must be alert and quick to detect;

Otherwise, he’ll fall and be trapped,

Easily being slaughtered to death!

These are but some facets of a smile,

The two-edged sword which is daily used;

Be careful and be aware: who, when and where,

That smile originates!


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