Do we plan to live or we live to plan? Is there any difference? The answer is definitely a  big “YES”! In Singapore many of us live to plan. What a surprise! We would spend all our waking hours (and perhaps sleeping hours too) planning for the future: our kids’ education, the next project…etc. This is live to plan. We spend our whole life planning this or that that we have forgotten how to live life! Surprise?

If we are planning to live, what is the scenario? I’ll leave it to the individual to do some thinking and imagining!

Hence, planning to live and living to plan must go hand in hand. There is no other choice. We have to apply both in order to live more meaningfully! We must be clever enough to know when to apply each method. I’ll leave the individual to decide.

In the same vein, I remember my godson, Alvin, and I were discussing the planning and launching of a certain project. He wanted to devise a perfect plan so as to eliminate all negative obstacles and opposing factors. Then we came to the realisation that no plan is perfect! (I actually forgot about this important principle in planning!) Well, that project never get through the planning stage! In fact, it didn’t even get started!

Because of this experience, I became a little wiser. Hence, the short poem below:


The starting or beginning,

Is the very first step to take;

If taking it without much thought,

Disaster you will likely court!

Too much thinking and planning,

To secure a perfect plan,

The project will never be launched,

As no plan is perfect!

Take some calculated risks and plan,

Modify it along the way;

That’s the surest way to succeed,

Than waiting for a perfect plan to hatch!

Too much planning will deter us to take risks,

Restrains us and limits our vision;

Plunge headlong without a thought,

Will land our project in a tight spot!

Analyse whatever information with a critical mind,

Plan with a vision of calculated risks;

Leave enough room for modification,

Take the bold step and launch!

No plan is the perfect plan,

That can eliminate all risks involved,

A perfect plan is never planned,

It just bloom when everything is in place!



One thought on “PLANNING OUR LIVES

  1. I found your poem very spot-on.
    Isn’t it interesting that sometimes it is the planning that can stop us cold. We struggle so to anticipate the possible stumbles and freeze up because we can’t envision a clear outcome. I like the idea that we allow ourselves to know that “No plan is the perfect plan,” so we should “Take the bold step and launch!” Well said!

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