Today is Easter Sunday. Praise God! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the good news (Gospel) to everyone! But what has it got to do with us? Please find it out yourselves!
Is there LIFE after DEATH? This is an inevitable question which one will ask as he or she goes through life!
Well, why not try to find it out yourself?

The poem which I wrote many years ago may perhaps speak to you if you read between the lines. Happy reading.

Twenty days in semi-darkness I lay,
In this damp lonely world,
I could feel the two ends of the universe,
When I stretched my tiny wings;
When I stood on my feet,
My head hit the heaven’s beam!

“Where is the vast, bright and beautiful world,
Where animals freely fly and roam?
Where are the snow-capped mountains,
And the green meadows,
Where gurgling springs and rivers flow?
Ah, perhaps beyond this world of mine,
Is the perfect world I’ve been longing for;
Let me peck at the heaven’s beam,
And discover what’s in store?”

“Wow! This must be the heaven,
I”ve been longing for!
Let me live to explore!”


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