I always envy people who live in countries which have the four seasons!

How I wish I could live there for some years to experience what their life is like! In tropical countries we have nothing much but plenty of sunshine and rain. How boring and monotonous! Those people in return will say that we do not know how blessed we are. They are willing to trade places with us. This, I think, is our human nature.

We do not and will never appreciate the things we have until we lose them permanently. Then on hindsight, we learn to appreciate them. But then, it will be too late! We always tend to look at the other side of the meadow which always appears greener than the one we are in! How true it is!

Well, I read the blog <Letters to a Caterpillar> by Ibsmitch who wrote that it is the beginning of spring in her country. Straightaway, I could smell the freshness of the crisp, cool air and the fragrance of scented flowers. I was in Fantasy Land for a while!

Springtime is a magical moment when everything springs to live! Flowers bloom and blossom, birds chirp merrily and the people are enthusiastic to resume work again after the long cold winter.

Well, there is a Chinese saying: “Planning one’s life for the year starts in Spring…….” In this frame of mind, I wrote the poem below. Let the words speak to you……..


Nature’s renewal;
Starting life anew,
Added wisdom and experience;
Bloom and mature in time;
Past failures are the best teachers,
Never repeat the same errors,
Working hard never kill,
Being slothful, will,
Be mindful,


2 thoughts on “SPRINGTIME

  1. I do love the changing seasons. I’m not sure if I could enjoy living where they don’t change. Your poem “Spring” certainly captures why spring is such a wonderful season …possibilities, new beginnings, and putting the past behind.

    1. Glad that you love the poem. Thanks. I really envy you! At least, you have the first-hand experience of Spring while many others like myself can only read about it and watch it on tv!

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