After reading Ibsmitch’s, I automatically recall my childhood days.

When I was very young, I started to have different kinds of ambition. One day I would want to be a policeman. Then the next moment, I wanted to be a doctor. Then I yearned to be a dentist so that I could pull out my friend’s tooth! Ah…Those were the days!

Those innocent days are gone forever. How I wish we could change our ambitions and be a different person each day. Won’t it be interesting? Life is so monotonous and mundane once we have chosen what we want to be and pursue it with our whole heart and mind. After some years, we begin to realise that it is not as wonderful as we have imagined it!

My varied ambitions ranged from being a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer…… to being a teacher! In the sixties in my country, the teaching profession is lowly paid. At that time, I was very much impressed by my form-teacher who encouraged me to take up teaching. He said that I was a natural teacher – born to teach! His encouragement and his ways carried me through my career! Such a wonderful teacher that I have not found any one like him, even to this very day!

One day, I was furious and mad when a well-known gentleman said in our local newspapers: “Those who know, do, but those who don’t, teach!” Well , this gentleman obviously knew nothing about the teaching profession! He has said his last piece. He died at an old age.

I was so incensed at that time that I wrote the following poem. Here it is:


A teacher must have theatrical skills,

To deliver lessons that thrill;

He must have the empathy,

To understand the learner’s difficulty;

He must be artistic and creative,

In nurturing young, active mind;

He has to have the humour,

To appreciate a child’s thought;

A teacher must be able to excite,

A child’s aspiration and talent;

Above all, he himself must be a reformer,

To shape the nation’s future leaders!

Then, after some years, I wrote another poem on “A TEACHER’S AWESOME TASKS”. Today, I’m going to dedicate this poem to ALL TEACHERS –PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE


A teacher has the most awesome tasks

Besides his sacred duty and responsibility:

To teach the dumb to speak,

The deaf to hear

And the blind to see.

His chalk, his talk and his walk,

Mustn’t falter or go astray;

Like a potter kneading the miry clay,

Having a vision and compassion,

He tirelessly toils,

The vessel he creates mustn’t be spoilt;

Too much pressure, it’ll crack,

Too little, it can’t stand erect,

Too gentle, it can’t stand the strain,

Too hard, it becomes a mess!

His chalk, his talk and his walk,

Must be seasoned with love and care;

The teachers who dare to take this goblet,

Are blessed by God for this sacred job:

Of giving destiny and life,

To another living soul!





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