How ironical LIFE is! When a famous man dies, the leaders of the nations of the world will express sorrow and condolences be they friendly or unfriendly towards that nation. But I have not seen such a joyous display of happiness and merriment when Osama Bin Laden died yesterday. The whole world seems to rejoice over the news!

The death of a hero or a villain is a sad one indeed. How can we be so cruel as to rejoice over someone’s death? This is the inhuman side of life! Why must we be the judge and jury? Let God do the job!  If we have a splinter in our flesh, we will try to pluck it out. True. After we have got it out, do we throw a party to celebrate the occasion? For argument sake, some may instantly shout “yes!” I’m not here to argue neither am I to plead for the dead. As a civilized human being, let us respect human lives be they for us or against us!

When a hero dies, there will be another one to take his place. Likewise, when a villain dies, another insane person will wear his shoes. Now, the latter may be even more cruel and vicious than all his predecessors! Only God knows!

Just hope that with Osama Bin Laden’s death, the political hatred and enmity between those involved will be buried in the deepest ocean!

This is also a timely reminder to all of us that TIME IS THE LEVELLER no matter what happens.



Regular beat,

Carrying a scythe;

Planting, reaping, scarring, healing,

The daily chores he performs;

According to Life’s journey he furrows,

Kings, nobles, peasants and serfs,

He levels with impartiality;

The common ground,

None escapes,




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