Time passes by like the flickering pages of a picture book which my grand-daughter is reading! Today is midweek and coming Sunday we will be celebrating Mother’s Day.

Each year, during this week, I always recollect very fondly what my mother has done for me. She died at the age of 85. It was so many years ago but still it seems like yesterday!

I do not want to bore you and boast about my mother. I think you’ll be overwhelmed by the many stories in the media, radio, newspapers and television. In my quiet moment last night, I wrote the following in remembrance of my mother. Here it is:



Two-syllable word,

Fountain of Love;

Overflowing continuously without stopping,

From one generation to another;

Her child never grows old,

Though he becomes father of another;

Mothering him and his off-springs,

With meticulous loving care,

Borderless and limitless,

Her Love engulfs;

Grateful Thanks,



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