Have you ever been hurt by a stranger, a friend or a loved one? I’m sure the answer would be a definite “yes”. In Life, we often experience much love and hurts over and over again!

It is strange and unbelievable that the ones we love dearly can hurt us the deepest and the most number of times. I really can’t understand it! Do you have that kind of experience too?

The world we live in is too full of hatred! What could we do about it? At least, we can reduce this hatred instead of adding one more to it. Many of my friends used to tell me that it is easier said than doing it! I totally agree!

Often we keep this hurt inside us, not knowing that this cooped up feeling can explode like a volcano one day. Should we then retaliate, take revenge or return a tit-for-tat? None can advise us! It is our nature and survival instinct to hit back at someone who did it, There goes the vicious cycle – an unending chain reaction!

I can only say “Forgive and Forget“. By “Forgiving” , we erase the hurt, and by “Forgetting”, we bury it in the deepest ocean! These two steps must be put into action simultaneously! Many of us can forgive but not many of us can forget! Let us try to practise both even though it is difficult to do so.

May the poem below speak to you:


When sorrows jab the heart,

The flow of unseen blood will start;

The wound even healed will leave,

A very deep scar it will give!

A reminder of how deep the blow lands,

Bearing the agony as best as we can;

Who can deliver such a deadly blow?

The ones you dearly love will know!

What armour can we use to shield,

When this blade can cut through steel?

It cuts through bone and marrow,

Leaving us writhe in sorrow!

Are we able to forgive such a dear one,

Who doesn’t even know what he has done?

It takes a courageous and stronger man to forgive,

Than planning revenge to seek!

Forgiving is the hallmark of being magnanimous,

Forgetting is its final seal,

Stamped to erase animosity;

Together, it is the highest form of humanity!


4 thoughts on “FORGIVENESS

    1. Hi Chung, Happy to know that you are reading my blog. Thanks. Yours is very professionally done. The photos taken by you are sharp and clear. – Very well done.

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