Today’s topic is very intriguing indeed! How can the Dead be competing or fighting with those who are alive? But it’s true.

I live in a country which is one of the smallest in the world. You can’t even see or locate it on a world map –just a dot like a full-stop! Yet we are quite well known throughout the world.

Our country is really small. We need to reclaim land from the sea many years ago and we have succeeded doing it. We become quite an expert in this area! We even succeeded in changing our most polluted river though it took us many years.

Well, because land is scarce in our country, we have to exhume very old cemeteries so that we have more land for housing, factories, roads etc. Those people who live in vast countries may not fully understand or believe us but it’s true!

So, when our land is limited, we don’t have any natural resources at all. Not even water! You’ll be surprised that our country have to pay for untreated river water so that we can have water to drink and to survive! Now, we have learnt how to get drinking water from seawater and we export drinking water nowadays!

Back to today’s topic. With limited land, we cannot afford to expand sideways; so we build our flats upwards. Soon, we may even reach heaven and we don’t need to be dead in order to go to heaven!

It was many years ago that I wrote the poem below. The scenario at that time suits today’s title. You may not fully understand it. Please give it some thoughts. Hope you enjoy it!



Stacking high;

Blocks of flats,

Rising into the sky!

Solution to land scarce Singapore,

Maximizing each plot of limited resources;

The Living and Dead compete,

Space for their beds;

The Dead cremates,

Nothing remains,




  1. Your visual of “Dove-cotes stacking high” is an interesting way to view very crowded cities. Having lived in cities under 5,000 most of my life, I can’t imagine such crowding. The idea of the living and the dead competing for space is an intriguing thought. Sometimes cemeteries take up prime real estate in a town and the town councils look longingly at them because the dead don’t pay taxes.

    1. That’s exactly what we are facing nowadays. We are being encouraged to cremate the dead! As time goes on, even the collabriums where we put the urns will also have to make way for the living! My voice is just one of the many voices crying in the wilderness! I thought only we ourselves know and experience this sort of thing. Glad that you know and understand! Cheers!

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