Today is slightly special. I’m in the mood to give you some riddles to solve. Hope you will put on your thinking caps. You can check to see how many riddles you can solve correctly in PART 2 of 3 and a poem in PART 3.

During my youth, I loved to solve riddles. While I was cleaning my store room that I came across an old note-book where I had written some of them. To tell you frankly, I had forgotten some of the answers as I had not written them down. So I had to spend some time to solve them myself. In so doing, It brought back the joy and memories of my youth!

Hence, I like to share these riddles with you. Try to solve them. Perhaps you may find them too easy. As and when I find more of them, I would share them with you. Happy working!

1.    The more you dry, the wetter it becomes! What is it?

2.   When you want to use it, you throw it away. When you don’t want to use it, you take it back.     What is it?

3.   When you want to use it, you dirty it. When you don’t want to use it you keep it clean. What is it?

4.   What kind of bull will fall asleep while working?

5.   For the newly-weds: What will the groom give to the bride on their first wedding night?

6.   Ladies, don’t get angry and jump to any embarrassing conclusion! Some gentlemen are laughing too. So here it is: What can you see behind of a cow but in fron’t of a woman?

7.   What name would you give to a female horse which is born at night?

8.   Whom are you seeing if he/she looks exactly like you?

9.    A half-open door can also be called a half-closed door. What will you call an open door or a closed door?

10.  A person who acts is called an actor. A person who sings is called a singer. What do you call a person who cooks?

11.  What likely  reason will the bride give to the groom if he sees her crying during the wedding ceremony?

12.  Why do giraffes have such long necks?

I hope you have enjoyed solving them. You have to wait for my next blog in order to know the results. If you like you can email me your answers.

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