I know many of you are dying to know the answers to the 12 riddles which I gave you. Here they are:

1.   The answer is a towel. The more you use a towel to dry yourself or something, the wetter the towel becomes. Easy, isn’t it?

2.   There are many answers to this riddle. It can be an anchor, a fishing line….a kite. When we want to use the anchor, we throw it into the water. When we do not want to use it, we will pull it up. Get it!

3.   This one is easy! You are sure to get it correct. The answer is a chalkboard/writing board, a toilet bowl or a paint brush!

4.   This one is tricky to some. The answer is a bull-dozer. Surprise?

5.   Please don’t jump to conclusion too quickly. The answer is his name! Once a lady gets married, she becomes Mrs Somebody(husband’s name)

6.   I remember when I gave this riddle to the ladies at a party, they started to call me a DOM! This is not a dirty riddle but a harmless one! The answer is the letter “w”. The letter “w” is behind the word “cow” but is in front of the word “woman”. I can hear some laughter now!

7.   I don’t think that you have any difficulty in solving this riddle. The answer is “night-mare(female horse)! I don’t suppose you wish to have one when you are sleeping!

8.   This riddle is easy and the answer is obvious. Who else will look exactly like you except your reflection in the mirror!

9.   This riddle is used to trick the mathematicians in our midst. If half x is equal to half y, then x is equal to y. But the answer to the riddle is :A closed door is a closed door and an open door is an open door. No doubt about it.

10. This is the easiest riddle of all if you have not been trapped by the leading suggestions. The person who cooks is definitely not a cooker. A cooker is an appliance not a person!

11. This is the reason why the bride cried during the wedding ceremony. She realizes that she is not marrying the best man. The groom is not her best man. Got it!

12. I hope we are not giraffes. They have long necks because They always want to peep over the tall hedges to see what all the other animals are doing! So, do you know any giraffe in your circle of friends?

I enjoy writing out these answers. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. By the way, how many did you get it correct? Don’t forget to read my PART 3 ! Cheers!


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