To date, I have never cooked a proper meal as I do not know how to cook! Surprise! Surprise! My wife used to tell me I was (still am) more of a hindrance than of help whenever I was in the kitchen. So, she often chased me out of her territory!

Yesterday, I saw a young girl trying to help her mother skin onions. The poor girl had literally tears in her eyes although she was not crying. I thought hawkers selling cooked food would know the trick of peeling onions without tears. I’m very certain this one doesn’t know! Otherwise, she would have taught her poor daughter the correct way. By the way, do you know how to skin onions without tears? If you don’t know, you should find it out yourself!

Witnessing this scene, reminded me of my poem “LIES”. I wrote this poem after I had the opportunity of peeling the onions with real tears!

An onion is the result of an accumulation of lies. Once, we tell a lie, we have to continue telling another one to cover the very first one. The cycle goes on……..and we have an onion of lies! It’s true! One lie will lead to another and another….. There is no end to it.

Enjoy the poem below: Don’t tell any lie. Otherwise, you will have onions of lies!

(PART 1)



False information;

Leading hearers astray,

Providing an invisible shield;

With intention to cover mistakes,

One lie leads to another lie,

Speedily, it adds and multiplies;

Working like an oyster,

Producing a pearl,

Solidly packed,


(PART 2)

A lie comes in many shapes and sizes,

All tailor-made by its master;

Each covers up the ones before,

We’ll have to skin the onion to reach its core!

Still wondering if there is more;

It’s easier to tell the truth,

Than inventing a lie to suit!

Lying in day to day living,

Is an acquired art of living;

Flattery compliments soothe the ears,

Plain truth may cause tears!

When should one tell a lie?

It’s difficult for us to fathom;

It all depends on the situation,

Do it with a conscience!


2 thoughts on “HOW TO SKIN AN ONION?

    1. It was from the peeling of onion skins that I arrived at the imagery. Glad that you read my blog. Many thanks.

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