Why do riddles exist? It is for the training of the minds! They test our skills, alertness, analytical creativity…..and common sense! Actually they are good teaching tools too but many teachers do not use them.

I used them quite often when I wanted my students to learn and widen their vocabulary. My students found them very refreshing and interesting. They said that they could remember the words learnt as they enjoyed doing them. I tried to mentor the younger teachers in using this strategy but they found that the preparations were time-consuming. They would not want to use riddles and word puzzles because they have to tailor-made them to suit their level. Moreover, there were no such exercises in our school text books. Because of this, the students missed the joy of solving riddles and puzzles!

I have written a poem on WHAT ARE RIDDLES? I hope it will speak to you:


Riddles, puzzles and signs,

Are symbols of clues;

To direct one to its source,

To unlock its hidden door!

Numerous of them stand,

Along the by-ways of life;

To help pilgrims to find the Way,

When any one goes astray!

The secret of unlocking them,

Is to have Faith, Hope and Trust:

Faith reinforces Hope,

While Hope strengthens Trust!

Study the given clues,

Give them a deeper thought;

You’ll be surprised what you have caught,

Although you know it not!




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