Mankind has been endowed with the above three shields for individual survival. These three shields enable us to live day by day and look forward to another new day.

Can we separate them? They seem to be 3-in-1, thoroughly mixed. The next question will be : Which of these comes first? My immediate answer is “I don’t know!” Perhaps you can enlighten me.

These three shields enable us to have that extra ounce of strength to bear our burdens and sufferings and to look forward to a better tomorrow! This 3-in-1 is not the key to eradicate all the pains and sufferings; it, somehow, cushions them and makes them bearable.

When we lose these 3 shields, our lives will be unbearable. We will not be able to endure the suffering and pain. Our perseverance will be at zero level! We will not be able to survive the next day! These  3 shields activate automatically without our knowledge. That is the wonderful and mysterious part of life!

I wrote the poem below when I was approaching old age. At that time, I did not understand fully the problems of old age. I looked at the old people around me at that time. They looked happy and contented –satisfied with life itself! The world has changed since then. Is growing old gracefully full of fears and uncertainty nowadays? I really don’t know. During this period of my life, I wrote a number of poems expressing the problems of old age. I just managed to salvage a few of them and put them up on my blog.

Now, I understand the problems better. May the poem below speak to you. Also you can share with me your thoughts on the same topic.


Hope keeps us alive and living,

To see a better tomorrow,

Like air keeping the candle flame burning,

To prevent the darkness from encroaching!

Before the flame dies off,

It still has a duty to perform;

To keep the darkness at bay,

While it is flickering away!

Can Hope prevent the darkness from descending,

Upon the helplessness of the aged:

Poverty, sickness, starvation and loneliness,

Encroaching the lives of every man?

Hope can only teach us to be calm,

And have faith and peace within,

When the darkness descends, we are able to bear,

The heavy load of despondence!

Hope can never solve the predication of man,

But gives him the assurance of things can be better,

It increases his peace and faith,

To accept the present better!


One thought on “FAITH, HOPE AND TRUST

  1. Yes! HOPE definitely does keeps us alive! It is something we can looking forward to in life esp at times when we are down. I like this!

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