Each morning when we turn the pages of any newspapers in any country, the news of war stares coldly in our face! There is not a single day that we do not read about wars, murder, killings……..etc. Where are we heading to? ? Self-destruction?

The world that we live in is very chaotic, isn’t it? When will all these end? Someone has said that where there are human beings, there will be wars –be they physical, religious, cultural, territorial, economical…etc.

In the early seventies, I wrote a poem about ‘Bombing”. The content was quite futuristic at that time. Now, I think some nations will have the technology and the capabilities to carry such an offensive attack. Just use machines to do the job of Man.


A cloud of dust appears on the West,

Like a swarm of locusts leaving its nest;

Zooming planes with thunderous roar,

Soaring high towards the Eastern shore!

A mission of death is in store,

For the nations on the Eastern shore!

What causes deserve such a tit-for-tat?

The planes unload their destructive cargoes,

Like torrential rains bringing death and pain!

People fall like nine pins in a strike,

While buildings crumble like match-boxes!

Like tidal waves, the smoke, dust and fire engulf,

The massive cloak of darkness spreads;

Confusion, bewilderment and horror!

The pilotless planes return to base,

Mission accomplished with clock-work precision,

The men who guide these planes,

Switch off their computers and heave a sigh,

Pat each other’s back for a job extremely well-done,

Terminating lives who do not conform,

To their ideology and belief!

What heartless monsters have world leaders become:

A generation created by Man and not by God!



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