We always find excuses and loopholes for doing something which is different from the norm. Perhaps we want to be different or unique or because of our rebellious nature.

I discover that we conform easily ( without asking any question ) with the majority so that we will not be only odd one.

1)   Why do I part my hair on the left and not on the right, or middle or not at all? I prefer not to comb my hair every morning.

2)   Why do I wear my watch on my left and not on my right? Some people do but the majority is on the left.

3)  Why is it that I must write with my right hand and not with my left? I was forced and trained to write with my right even though I am a left-handed person.

4)  Why must I use chopsticks, or fork and spoon when I eat? I like to eat with my fingers (hand). The food seems to taste better!

5)  Why can’t we wear pyjamas to work or to a restaurant?

6) Why must they make shoes for the left foot and the right foot? Why can’t they make one that is suitable for either of them so that we don’t need to differentiate them when we are in a hurry?

Oh, the rebellious nature in me can go on and on and on……..

Who says that you can’t do all the above as you like? And when you do, you will have many supporters who share your views. Then you will not be alone but have many supporters. Soon, you will be able to gain momentum and lead them against the Establishment to pass a law that it is ok to do what you like and make everything lawful.

This leads us to the question of same-gender marriage.

Why can’t a man marry another man or a woman marrying another woman when they love each other deeply and consent to get married to each other? Both are responsible adults and know what they are doing. The only setback is that they are of the same gender!

Go ahead and get married! No one can stop or is stopping them.

Another man will want to marry his pet dog, pig monkey or gorilla because he loves it very much and want to share his life and whatever he has with it. Who can stop this man? No one!

But when he wants the law to acknowledge, support and recognise their marriage then that will be a very different story and a very different world altogether!


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