In my country, if we go shopping any day or month, we can see shops displaying signs saying “CHEAP SALES”‘ “50% DISCOUNT”, and “EVERYTHING MUST GO — LOWEST PRICE”. I have observed that many of these shops displaying these signs every day of the year! It has become a form of pulling wool over our eyes!

To a tourist, foreigner or someone from another estate, these signs displayed by shops are offering them really good bargains! How gullible they are to believe that these shops are selling their goods cheaply! Yet many of them cannot withstand the luring temptations and yield themselves, walk into the shop and part with their money!

Businessmen and advertisers think of very creative ways to brain-wash the public and entice them to part with the cash that they have. These people are like magicians. They can somehow lure and bleed us without our realisation or feeling the pain! This is the ultimate aim of advertising in any media. They use the power of subtle suggestion — sight, sound and the print!

Usually, why and when do we buy anything? Do we buy it because it is selling cheaply? Do we buy it to keep in our store-room? Yes, we may want to have a spare, just in case the one which we are using is spoilt. Do we buy it because we just want to buy it?

I wrote this poem a long time ago to give to another teacher friend who had just returned from a shopping spree because there was a CHEAP SALE in town. She just laughed and said that she  could not help herself. I hope you like the poem.



Business gimmick;

Brain-washing public mind,

Believing items selling cheaply;

Gullible people completely taken in,

Buying similar items for storage only;

Thinking they’ve got a bargain,

Cash transfer quickly executed,

Items bought remain,

In storage,



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