It is said that Man is a gregarious animal. We like to be in a crowd and we do not like to be alone,

When we are in a crowd, we can influence one another, counsel each other, talk to each other…….and cheer one another up. How true it is!

Sometimes, it is also good to be alone so that we can pause and reflect. Also we can just do what we want to do to be our real self without being afraid of what people might say about us.

It is indeed very scary to be lonely. If it is for a short period of time, I think we would be able to endure it. I do not think I can stand if I am alone (like in a solitary confinement) for a long period of time. I may become cuckoo and on the road to insanity!

But there are some of us who still feel lonely whether they are alone, in a crowd or among friends. I have a friend who is like that. He can sit alone all by himself even though he is in a crowd among friends. Many regard him as a weirdo! He just does not like to talk. He can sit through a talking session without opening his mouth at all while others are chatting the evening away.

Once, I asked him why he does not like to talk or mix with us. His standard reply is “What’s there to talk? We know one another so well.” When he visits me, he would sit down and I can continue doing my own thing. Often times he would ignore my questions and just stare into space.

There is a story why he chooses to behave in this manner. I respect his privacy and I am not going to divulge the story. Because of him, I did write a poem on “LONELINESS”. When he read my poem, he just smiled and said something which I could not recall. Well, what is your reaction? Tell me.



Beside oneself,

Alone, in company;

Solitary confinement in cocoon,

The invisible wall divides harshly;

Nothing can penetrate within nor escape,

The feeling of total helplessness;

Freedom is just hallucination,

Mind is overwhelmed,

Senses dulled,


One thought on “LONELINESS

  1. So many people feel this way. Man is a social animal, so it seems an odd feeling, when it is really quite common. I have to wonder if there is a biological basis or use for this feeling.

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