Today, after you have read this blog, you will just laugh at this old man, an IT illiterate, trying to use modern technology for his work!

I must confess that I don’t know anything about the internet and how it works! I often use the computer as a typewriter. Even then, I do not know how to use most of the functions provided. Don’t laugh at me when I tell you that I don’t even know the basic skill of ‘cut/copy/paste’ draw simple line figures, import pictures and photographs and you name it and I can tell you that I don’t know!

Therefore, you must be very surprised! Why such a stupid old man that I am, want to maintain a blog? I just want to continue my writing and share my thoughts and experiences before I leave this world. The young people whom I mix with did try to encourage me to learn how to use a computer just for typing purposes only. Even today, I am afraid of using the computer because when I accidentally press the wrong key I do not know how to rectify it.

There was once I forgot which key that I had pressed wrongly while typing that the whole keyboard got locked up. No matter how the others tried to undo what I had done, they were unsuccessful. They had to switch it off and start all over again!

Many a time, when I’m writing a blog, the content on the screen disappeared because I press the wrong key. I have to restart all over again. Even though the content is supposed to have been saved automatically, I cannot locate it. Each time when my post is successfully published, I feel joy and happiness within me and I smile to myself that I have done a good job! It’s difficult to explain it in words but all these are what I have been experiencing.

The members of the WordPress team must be laughing uncontrollably at this old man. I encountered the same problems when I was blogging at Window Live. Every time I had difficulty of getting n, so much so that I was allowed to go in.(Always either forgot the password or typed wrongly).

Hence those people who read my blog must be very blessed. It is because for every post I have to type at least 2 to 3 times before it is finally done! That is a very frank statement and it comes from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy reading my blog?



    1. Thank you.We have to keep on learning in order to keep up with the now generation! Take care and stay healthy.

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