I was indeed surprised when I came across two of the  poems I wrote while I was still in school.

I was (still am) fascinated by Science. I used to write poems on the topics I studied in Science. In so doing, I learnt and remember the facts quickly and clearly. That was my secret in the learning of Science.

Reading the yellowish brown paper on which I wrote the two poems brought back memories of the times I spent with my classmates. We have lost all contacts with one another. Some of them have migrated. How I wish I could meet back some of them now. We must have changed a lot as age catches up with each one of us!

Well, the two poems below are written in my own unique shape and format (1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1)I was experimenting to see if a poem can be written in this form. As I have said before, my teacher was the one who encouraged me to explore and challenged me to produce some poems written in that format. But, sad to say it, when I wanted to show him my work, he was not around anymore. How I miss him!

Well, why can’t you be my teacher. Tell me frankly. I truly value your comment!



Green epi-calyx;

Red tinge appears,

Blossoms a pretty flower;

Insects facilitate the process of pollination,

Fertilization soon occurs with gradual changes;

Petals soon wither and fall,

Tiny green ovary appears;

Ovary becomes larger,

Colour changes,




Life begins,

Worm-like crawling caterpillar,

Eating, growing and moulting;

By and by, it withdraws,

Encloses itself completely in silky cocoon,

In solitude it transforms itself,

In shape and form;

Adorned with wings,

Cocoon splits,


2 thoughts on “MY SCHOOL DAYS’ POEMS

  1. When I taught science to 8th graders I encouraged alternative projects like poetry especially for those students of a poetic bend. I was always surprised and pleased at their depth of understanding.

    1. I have very good and innovative teachers like you that I have to thank for in my country! He also encouraged me to take up teaching. At that time, a teacher’s pay was peanuts. Those who remained in the teaching service is are teachers worthy of their salt.

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